Study in Albania

Albanian Language Study Tours


If you want to improve your spoken Albanian language capabilities, there is no better way than to be immersed in that language environment while pursuing an intensive yet relaxing study program.


Course location: Shkodra City.

Course level: Elementary; Intermediate; Advanced.

Prerequisites: None.
The participants are graded and placed according to their level of proficiency; there is no placement test for students.

They are flexible. You can start from any time during spring, summer semester, or year-round, so you can pick the best time that fits your schedule. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

Course content:

The language study tours “Learn Albanian in Albania: Language, Country and People” is aimed at groups of students as well as individuals. Since the Shkodra program is small, teachers provide a great deal of individual attention and staff are able to tailor the program to student’s needs.

Private lessons:

Rozafa Castle in Shkodra

Custom-Made Lessons: You can request the time, date, and content of the lesson
We offer private classes for students who want to customize their lessons. With a private lesson, you are free to choose the time and length of your class, as well as what you wish to study. Need to improve your spoken? Wish to work on pronunciation? Conversation? Grammar?, whenever, and however you wish to study, our private lessons are flexible and designed to fit your needs!





Each language study tour begins with introduction days in Shkodra during which participants are prepared with intensive Albanian language instruction for day-to-day life in Albania and learn about the specific theme of the tour. The participants then visit a variety of sites in and around Albania. Classes meet three hours a day, Monday through Friday or on weekends with morning and/or afternoon sessions. Students also take trips out of town and participate in cultural activities. Each year, activities are planned based on the wishes of participants.

Note: If any student has a preference to visit a specific place of interest in Albania, that it can be arranged by I.A.L.C. Group to satisfy our students.


Textbooks and materials are the same as those for online courses and are offered for free.

Housing and Meals:
Student accommodations will be in a hotel room with free breakfast and free internet access through WI-FI. Participants purchase lunch and dinner at local restaurants and cafes. Cost of living is very low in Shkoder, Albania.

A Hotel Information:

Example. Hotel Rozafa in Shkoder


34 rooms, 58 beds.

Price per room: $30 ~ $40 USD, breakfast included & Internet.

Restaurant can seat 60. Gym-Sauna, Taxi, 10 parking places.

Note: Students can book other hotels too.

About the Location:
Located on the northwestern Adriatic coast, Shkodra has remained a luxurious Albanian town for centuries. It is an important cultural and economic center as well as one of Albania’s oldest and most historic sites. It takes 30 minutes by taxi to reach the beaches of Velipoja Lagoon and 10 minutes by taxi to reach Shkoder Lake. Shkodra is Albania’s cultural center, a vibrant city of youth with a lively cafe and nightlife. You can find more information about the Shkodra region read here: Shkodra the region of privacy by IALC Group

One Week Program

One of the Itineraries


Departure Day: Depart for Shkodra, Albania! Most flights from the U.S. will leave in the mid afternoon or evening and arrive in Tirana airport the following morning.

Day 1. 

Arrival Morning:  Upon arrival at Tirana International Airport (TIA), you will be met by I.A.L.C.’s on-site teacher. You will be able to meet students traveling on different airlines and transfer to the hotel located in the city’s heart. You will be able to freshen up after your long journey at the hotel! Mirë se vini në Shqipëri! – Welcome to Albania!

Afternoon: Discover Shkoder through a walking tour and lunch with your teachers or fellow travelers. Shop at Zogu I Blvd., marvel at the English Clock Tower built in 1880, visit Oso Kuka’s traditional Shkodra house, the Catholic Cathedral, Orthodox Cathedral, Ebu Bekr Mosque, and Mother Teresa’s Monument. Other possibilities include: National Photo Gallery “Marubi”, Hamam (Turkish bath/sauna), Monument of Isa Boletini (you will have to pay for lunch and dinner on your own so that you can practice paying in Leks!)

Evening:   Have dinner with your new friends and the teachers as you stroll along the Buna River in the evening. Then we will have another orientation before getting some well-deserved sleep. Let’s head back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep!

Day 2.

Morning: Hotel guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast. Today you’ll begin your Albanian language course. Classes take place near your hotel, not far from Shkodra Lake and are taught by native speakers. We will assess your level of Albanian and place you in the appropriate group, or you will work one-on-one with a tutor. Beginner students do not need placement tests. I.A.L.C. courses emphasize practical language acquisition and are also fun!

Afternoon:  In the fortress’ restaurant, you can eat lunch overlooking the Rozafa Castle, built by the Illyrians in 230 BC, one of Shkodra’s best preserved ancient monuments. Take a guided tour of Rozafa Castle and its surroundings, including the Lean Mosque, for a glimpse of the city’s scenery.

Evening:  Enjoy the nightlife in Shkodra and practice your Albanian in the city park near your hotel. Enjoy a relaxing evening with your friends and teacher at Bar Restaurant “Villa Bekteshi”.

Day 3.

Morning:  A morning of intensive Albanian classes follows breakfast. Learn Albanian from native speakers and see your skills progress! Students will often meet for an ice cream after classes and a stroll around the neighborhood to get their minds thinking in Albanian!

Afternoon: After visiting the medieval castle of Drivatsum-Drisht and the Kratul Fortification built in the 1st century BC, depart for Bridge of Mesi constructed in the 18th century. As you travel through this particular geographically rare and culturally rich region, you will be able to enjoy many inspiring views. Enjoy lunch near the Bridge of Mesi.  .

Evening:  Afterward, venture to Shkodra and dine at “Tradita,” which serves typical Shkodra dishes. Have a delicious evening meal with your teachers! Albanians value their meals and you’ll learn about cultural differences during meals as well as immerse yourself in the language.

Day 4.

Morning:  After breakfast, you will have an in-depth Albanian tutoring session at the hotel’s outdoor café. As you master new grammatical concepts and improve your speaking ability, your Albanian skills will continue to improve.

Afternoon:   Discover the beautiful towns of Lezha, founded in 385 BC, and Shengjin, a seaside town in Albania. You’ll get a chance to experience Albanian culture in a different city here! Engage with local vendors, get to know them and practice your Albanian skills while sampling some of the region’s cuisine. The many restaurants near Shengjin beach are a good place to eat lunch. In summer, head to Velipoja Lagoon to explore this nearby beach paradise! Velipoja’s pristine beaches provide the perfect place to soak up the sun.

Evening:   Upon returning to Shkoder, you will have dinner at a restaurant near the lake where you will be served traditional dishes based on carp fish from Shkodra’s lake. Taking a tour through Albania’s sights, dining in restaurants, and shopping is a great way to learn more about the country.

Day 5.

Morning & Afternoon:  Visit the beautiful city of Kruja, the tourist capital of Albania, for a full day excursion! Visit the Skanderbeg Museum, the National Ethnographic Museum, the Kruja Castle and the Bazaar of Derexhik. Bazaar offers a wide selection of shopping and local restaurants. Kruja is a great place to buy all the traditional Albanian souvenirs to take home with you!

Evening:  As soon as you return to Shkoder, your teacher will plan a fun evening activity for you. Use the evening hours to practice your language skills with your teachers. You can end your great day with a group dinner before you go to bed.

Day 6.

Morning:   Regular Albanian classes are held in the mornings. Learn new concepts, grammar, and cultural concepts as you explore new cultures! Enjoy the morning at Shkodra Lake while enjoying the Albanian sun!

Afternoon:   Come explore the Albanian Alps, Razma village on a half day excursion! You’ll discover some of the region’s most famous mountain ranges and neighboring villages. Spend the day hiking, exploring, and seeing first-hand the Albanian countryside. Lunch at Razma resort followed by a panoramic view and breathtaking landscape.

Evening:  Get together with your group for a final party and share memories from your trip to Albania! Don’t forget to pack your bags to prepare for the journey home!

Day 7.

Morning:   Enjoy your last breakfast together with your group and teachers in Shkodra. You now have improved Albanian language skills, so use them as much as possible! Upon finishing breakfast, you will meet your group and teachers for one final “Mirupafshim” before leaving Albania.

Afternoon & Evening:   Taxis are available to take students to the Tirana International Airport for their flights back home. You will never forget your time in Albania! Return home with wonderful memories!

Two – Three Week Programs

Potential elective activities for week two and three include: picnics, dance lessons, soccer games or tennis games with other students, visits to nearby beaches and towns, local cultural and sporting events, Café Astoria to practice your Albanian and more!

Below is a list of cultural activities the I.A.L.C. staff in Albania has organized in the past. Trips to south Albania also:

  • Theth National Park.
  • National Historical Museum.
  • Koman Lake.
  • Mount Dajt.
  • Valbona Valley.
  • Amphitheatre.

One Month Program

Other potential afternoon activities include: visits to cultural museums throughout Tirane, Durres, and other Albanian cities; continued fun activities, parties; volleyball, basketball, soccer, and movie nights in Albanian; camping; hacking; a shopping trip; and many more!

  • Tourism in Albania
  • Tirana Park on the Artificial Lake.
  • National Gallery of Albania.
  • Petrele Castle.
  • Durres Archaeological Museum.
  • Durres Castle.
  • Royal Villa of Durres.
  • Trips / Visits to Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Free time:

Students will have free time each week and on weekends to explore Albania on their own. Students are provided with suggested activities for learning more about their host city and culture by I.A.L.C. staff.

What’s included?


  • Program Advising & Itineraries
  • Detailed Orientation Guides
  • Online Student Contact
  • Flight Advising
  • Visa support*

Abroad – Internationally

  • Airport Arrival Meet & Greet
  • Textbooks (copies)
  • On-site Bilingual Teachers
  • Afternoon Elective Activities
  • On-site Orientation
  • Tour Guides
  • Bicycle (upon request)
  • 24 hours assistance

Post – Program

  • Certificate of completion
  • Alumni support network

What’s Not included?

  • Airfare / Travel costs.
  • Hotels (estimated $250-$350 per week)
  • Meals (estimated $100-$150 per week)
  • Transportation on excursions etc.
  • Other personal expenses.

The 2021-2022 Study in Albania

Tuition Program Schedule

Only $780.00 USD for one week program.

By paying below you are stating that you have read and agreed to be bound by all Terms and Conditions of International Albanian Language Course / I.A.L.C. Group

Program Intensity
3 lessons per day.
(60-minutes classes)
(per lesson)
Total Method of payment
One week


     20 lessons in 1 week.


$39 $780

Two weeks 40 lessons in 2 weeks. $30 $1200 

Three weeks  60 lessons in 3 weeks. $25 $1500 

One month 80 lessons in 1 month. $22 $1760

What Students Say:

This study in Albania made each penny worthwhile because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to travel to Republic of Albania. The experience of experiencing a new way of life and culture was fascinating to me. Classes extremely challenged my Albanian skills, so the teachers were very friendly and helpful. The teachers made learning the language fun!

My Albanian has improved so much, and my comprehension has finally reached the point where I will understand everything individuals tell me. I would recommend the Shkodra program to any serious Albanian learner. Shkodra is an excellent place to learn Albanian! Everyone has been so helpful and friendly. It made me realize how hospitable and kind the Albanian people and culture are. I wished I could stay the whole summer! Studying abroad in Albania was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! When you return home, you won’t realize how much you’ve missed it and how much you’ve loved it.


*US Citizens and other nationalities can enter in Albania even with ID Card. For a list of country that can enter in Republic of Albania without a visa, please check this file: VISA REGIME FOR-FOREIGN CITIZNES Website: