How it Works

Our system is developed to motivate learners to start learning Albanian from day one. Each lesson is developed online and to learn one-on-one with a native instructor. Lessons will concentrate on subjects that are most important to you: connection, journeying, university, relationship etc. Basically discuss with us your objectives, wants and wishes and we will art a system individually developed to your needs.

Through conversations with your instructor, you will learn how to speak Albanian with complete confidence using present, past and future tenses. Our speaking strategy also locations concentrate on your hearing understanding and ability as a copywriter. We use guides, sound, existing content and other entertaining sources to make sure that the studying process is as fun and interesting as possible.

What do you need?

Although our system is based around the pc, we want to make sure that anyone, regardless of their level of specialized expertise, will feel using it. We want to highlight that you do not need to be a “computer person” to use our services. The only things we demand of you before your first category are the following:

Software: We have chosen Skype as our method of interaction. Skype is easy to use and absolutely 100 % free, enabling customers to create 100 % free telephone calling from pc to pc. Skype is currently used by more than 400 thousand people around the world. You can obtain or discover more about Skype straight at

For the maximum Skype experience your pc most have a high-speed (DSL or Cable) Internet access.

Headset: We suggest the use of headphones/speaker ear phones. It allows you to clearly listen to your Albanian tutor’s diction. It also prevents out all exterior sounds for maximum concentrate. If you do not have one, you can buy a ear phones straight at Skype or at any local digital shop. Usually you can get a high quality ear phones for about $15. If you are new to Skype, please create sure to analyze your system at least once before your first category.

Materials: We will provide everything you need. The Albanian publication it’s GRATIS and it will be deliver to you category by category via e-mail connection. Basically bring a laptop and a pen to your online category and you are ready to go!

Make your payment and start your 1st free lesson now!