How to learn Albanian fast?

Learn from real live humans

If a language is not for communication, what is it for? Whatsapp has made it possible for humans to communicate without opening their mouths – thanks! The truth is, though, that reading or writing a language doesn’t stick in your head like speaking it does. Imagine how often people have said that they “understand, but can’t speak Albanian.” A lot of people have turned talking into a huge insurmountable barrier that only serves to put them off. Don’t be like that. Learn Albanian language from a native speaker, enroll in a course, or take online Albanian classes.

Take note of new vocabulary

For good reason, this tip is a classic: it works! We often find that learning a new word or phrase is so interesting that forgetting it seems impossible. But that’s not the case with everything. Consider carrying a funky notebook or using an app like Evernote to fight this. You should always write down new words or expressions in context: that is, in a sentence with their meaning noted. Keeping this in mind saves you time since you won’t have to keep going back to the word and asking yourself: “What does that word mean in Albanian?”

Take the time to read everything you can

Whether it is paperbacks, newspaper articles, websites, emails, social media feeds, or cereal boxes, if it is in Albanian, read it. Why? You’ll find a lot of new vocabulary and some you’re already familiar with in the content. The reason you improve quickly is that re-exposure gives you new examples of learned vocabulary in context, reinforcing them in your mind. A language like Albanian with so many words, on the other hand, makes it essential to learn new words and expressions in order to expand your vocabulary.

Go abroad

What better way to learn Albanian than to live and study in a country where Albanian is the official language? Albanian is a widely spoken language in the USA, and with a range of countries to choose from, you can select your ideal learning environment based on hemisphere, climate, and favorite city. Think Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia.

Ask a lot of questions


Language learners can also become fluent due to their curiosity! You’ll soon find that you have a mountain of questions as you learn Albanian. Be curious and resolve your doubts – don’t sit on them! Ask your Albanian teacher (that’s what they are there for, after all) if you are enrolled in a course. Do not worry if you are learning alone: you can find answers in blogs or language websites like www.LearnAlbanianLanguage.com , or ask other learners. You’ll be happy you did!

You should begin with what you really need

If you keep reminding yourself of your motivation to learn Albanian, your studies will likely go much faster. Will you be studying abroad? Then make sure your vocabulary corresponds to what you are studying. Attending an overseas conference? Review conversation starters you can use with your colleagues. Planning to take a gap year? Travel and tourism vocabulary will be your guide. It is unlikely that you’ll learn anything and everything at once if you simply jump into learning Albanian.