International Academy of Language Centers (I.A.L.C. Group) is an online network of language training centers serving students and professionals from around the world in learning a variety of languages through some effective and proven teaching methods. Founded in 2007, it comprises of native professional tutors for each language including Albanian, Polish, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and Macedonian.

I.A.L.C. Group is headquartered in New York, USA from where all our online training classes are hosted, designed for students of all ages, interests and professions. We provide an International Learning Platform for Students.
New York City is considered to be one of the most important cities of the world from where all large businesses in the United States are operated, and where you will find people from all parts of the world. We only need sufficient English speaking capability from our students and a little punctuality because we understand that the lack of time, busy schedule and the will to learn a new language are the main reasons why you choose to use an e-learning platform.

International Albanian Language Course is a one stop Albanian language learning e-institute where students are assigned with professional native Albanian tutors who focus on helping their students in learning Albanian, starting from alphabets to speaking confidently. Our study course comprises of guides and articles, interactive contents such as audios, images and practice sheets, homework assignments and of course tests to help students in every way possible which can even help a non native to speak Albanian boldly. We are proud to be the first educational institution worldwide to launch a professional, quality e-learning platform focused exclusively on the Albanian language.