Albanian verbs

Learning the Albanian verbs is very necessary because its structure is used in every day discussion. The more you exercise the subject, the nearer you get to perfecting the language. But we need to know what is the role of Albanian verbs is in the structure of the Albanian grammar.
Albanian verbs are words that express activity (walk, study, sleep, jump), or a state of being (exist, stand). In most ‘languages’ a verb may agree the gender, person or / and number of some of its argument, such as its subject, object.
Grammar Tips:

Present Tense

In Albanian, verbs get the following ending to form the present tense in indicative mood:

For singular: -j , -n, -n
For plural: – jmë, :-ni, -jnë

Example: to learn- mësoj

Singular Plural
 Unë  mëso-j Ne mëso-jmë
 Ti mëso-n Ju mëso-ni
 Ai/ajo mëso-n Ata/ato mëso-jnë

These endings can help you, because with them you can conjugate most verbs into the present tense which belong to first type of conjugation. You only need the stem (rrënja) of the verb, for example the stem of (mësoj: to learn) is (mëso-j).

Past Tense

In Albanian as well as in English the simple past tense (imperfect) is used to explain past activities. The endings for the last tense verbs are:

For singular: – va, -ve, -i
For plural:      -më, -të, -në. (-am, -at, -an)

For example : to learn – mësoj

Unë mëso-va  Ne mësu-am
 Ti mëso-ve   Ju mësu-at
 Ai/ajo mëso-i     Ata/ato mësu-ën


In Albanian language verbs are different from English language, so as you see in the given above verbs! We have more rules & endings and different type of conjugation of each verb.
So just take any regular verb and add it to the ending above, for example our verb mesoj (to learn), its stem is “meso”, plus the ending above becomes unë meso-va (I learned).

Future Tense

To form the future in Albanian it’s very simple, just use the whole infinitive verb plus these following endings:

For singular: -j, -sh, -jë
For plural: -jmë, -ni, jnë

This is very similar to the future tense of English. It is founded by placing ‘do të’ – “will”  before a verb.

Example: to learn- mësoj

Singular Plural
 Unë  do të mëso-j Ne do të mëso-jmë
 Ti do të mëso-sh Ju do të mëso-ni
 Ai/ajo do të mëso-jë Ata/ato do të mëso-jnë

If you would like to conjugate online any Albanian verb you can visit:

You can listen the conjugation of the verb “to be” in Albanian language. Enjoy the rest of this Albanian lesson!

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