Albanian Questions

Albanian Questions

This structure is used in everyday conversation, so learning the Albanian Questions is very important. You get closer to becoming a master of Albanian as you practice this more. In addition, we need to understand what the role of questions is in the Albanian grammar.

Albanian questions can either be linguistic expressions that demand information, or requests themselves that are created by such an expression.

Grammar Tips for Albanian Questions:

In Albanian, there are four methods to ask a question to get a “yes” or “no” answer. Please see the following:

-Verb + pronoun: As opposed to English, the auxiliaries do and does are not used.
Example: Ka ai makinë të re? (Does he has a new car?)

-Pronoun + verb: Only the intonation can make the sentence interrogative:
Example: Ai ka makinë të re? (Does he has a new car?)

-Verb + pronoun. The pronoun goes last.
Example: Ka makinë të re ai? (Does he has a new car?)

-Finally you can also create a question by including a tag question “A” to the beginning of the interrogative sentence.
Example: A ka ai makinë të re?

English questions      Albanian questions
Questions  Pyetje
who? kush?
why? pse?

Some interrogative sentences are established using the interrogative pronouns:
Kush? (Who) and Çfarë? (What), and putting the topic after the linking verb ‘jam” to be.
e.g: Kush jemi ne? (Who are we?). Kush është ajo? (Who is she?).

List of questions in Albanian

 English questions Albanian questions
 who are you     kush je ti? sing.
kush jeni ju? pl.
how are you? 
Si je (ti) – sing.
Si jeni (ju) – pl.
 where is she?
ku është ajo?
 what is this? 
çfarë është kjo?
 why is this? pse është kjo?
 where do you live? ku jeton ti ?
what time it is? 
Sa është ora?
 where are you? 
ku je ti?
 can I help you? 
mund t’ju ndihmoj?