Albanian nouns

Albanian nouns

Learning the Albanian Nouns is very essential because its framework is used in every day discussion. The more you exercise the topic, the nearer you get to perfecting the Albanian. But first we need to know what the aspect of Nouns is in the structure of the Albanian grammar.
Albanian nouns are words used to name a individual, creature, place, thing, or subjective concepts. Nouns are usually the key to vocabulary.

Here are some illustrations:

English nouns      Albanian nouns
Nouns  Emra
 one woman   
 një grua
 black monkey   
majmun i zi
 my school   shkolla ime
buy a pen  
blej një stilolaps
first love dashuria e parë

As you can see from the illustration above, the framework of the Nouns in Albanian has a logic pattern. Identify the Nouns above and see how it performs with the rest of the phrase in Albanian.
Note: Albanian nouns are inflected by gender (masc. fem.) and number (sing and pl).

List of Nouns in Albanian

Below is a listing of the Nouns and words in Albanian. Trying to remember this list will help you add very useful and essential words to your Albanian vocabulary.

 English  Nouns Albanian Nouns
a computer një kompjutër
 a bicycle  
një biçikletë
an apple
  një mollë
 some computers  
 disa kompjutra
 some bicycles disa biçikleta
 some apples disa molla

Csses of noun

In Albanian there are 5 cases.
Case of noun is called the forms of a noun in relation that it has with other words in the sentence.

1. Emërore – Nominative* Designation (it names the subject in a sentence)
2. Gjinore   – Genitive* Description (it qualifies the word it modifies, possession)
3. Dhanore  – Dative* Reception (it express the indirect object of the verb)
4. Kallzore – Accusative* Limitation (the action extends to and its limited to the object)
5. Rrjedhore – Ablative* Separation (is used after certain prepositions: prej-from, by).


1. Emërore – një mal / mal-i
2. Gjinore  – i, e, të, së (një) mali / mal-it
3. Dhanore- një mal-i / mal-it
4. Kallëzore- një mal-i / mal-in
5. Rrjedhore- prej një mal-i / prej mal-it

In Genitive case we use articles: i, e, të, së to connect two nouns or a noun and an adjective.
Example: drejtori i shkollës (noun-noun); drejtori i ri ( noun-adjective)
The noun in Ablative case use also preposition: prej- from
Example: Fshatari vjen prej malit.

Declensions of noun

In Albanian there are 3 declensions.
The declension of the noun it depends from definite or indefinite form of the noun.

The first declension- includes nouns endings in – i in definite form, singular.
Example: libr-i, mësues- i, vëlla- i, gur- i

The second declension- includes nouns endings in – i in definite form, singular.
Example: shok-u, plak-u,

The third declension- includes nouns endings in – i or –ja in definite form, singular.
Example: tavolin-a, motr-a, fletor-ja

Watch to this video lesson and listen some nouns in Albanian.

Nouns and words have a very important role in Albanian, as a result they need a special attention. Once you are done with Albanian Nouns, you may want to examine the rest of our Albanian exercising. Also if you need help to Learn Albanian please contact us