Albanian Alphabet

Albanian Alphabet

The letters from the Albanian alphabet as well as their pronunciation.

The Albanian language makes use of the Latin alphabet. You will find thirty six letters that match the thirty six to eight sounds (7 vowels as well as twenty nine consonants). Seven ones (dh, gj, nj, sh, th, xh, zh) are generally letter mixtures. (digraphs, every of them are regarded as one letter). in contrast to several European different languages, Albanian words haven’t any silent letters as well as letters are pronounced just one single way. The proper pronunciation from the letters, therefore, affords the right pronunciation from the words.

For spelling capabilities the consonants are pronounced having a following ë, ( a sound like e in English “winter”), bë, cë, dë, etc.

The letters from the Albanian alphabet are generally:

Of these, a, e, ë, i, o, u, y are vowels along with the remaining are consonants.
We will currently examine the vowels as well as consonants of modern literary Albanian. You will find 2 main dialects in Albanian: Gheg dialect or northern language and Tosk language or southern language. This later the first is employed because the current literary Albanian. The Gheg dialect is likewise in use in Republic of Albania as well as among Albanians located outside Albanian’s territory (such like Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro). The Albanians’ own name for language is “Shqip”.

The pronunciation in Albanian


Albanian has seven vowels: /i ɛ a ə ɔ y u/.

Phoneme Written as… Pronunciation as in English
/e/ i machine,
/ɛ/ e let
/a/ a father
/ə/ ë alone
/ɔ/ o four
/y/ y similar to French du or German fyhrer
/u/ u doom


Below is a table of the Albanian phonemic consonants.

Phoneme Written as… Pronunciation as in English
/p/ p pen
/b/ b bat
/t/ t tan
/d/ d day
/c/ q similar to English hot year
/ɟ/ gj similar to English bridge
/k/ k king
/g/ g go
/ts/ c similar to English cats, Japanese tsuki
/dz/ x similar to English goods
/tʃ/ ç chat
/dʒ/ xh jet
/θ/ th thin
/ð/ dh that
/f/ f far
/v/ v van
/s/ s son
/z/ z zip
/ʃ/ sh shop
/ʒ/ zh similar to English vision, French jour
/h/ h hat
/m/ m man
/n/ n none
/ɲ/ nj similar to English canyon, Spanish ñ
/l/ l law
/j/ j yes
/lˠ/ ll mill
/r/ rr similar to Spanish rosahierro (trilled)
/ɾ/ r similar to Spanish aro, Japanese hara (flapped

On this Albanian lesson you can listen how to pronounce the letters of Albanian Alphabet.