Albanian Articles

Albanian Articles

We provide some resources on Albanian Articles as well as a course where you can improve your Albanian grammar as well as understanding of Definite and Indefinite Articles. Observe how the phrase changes position and the pattern that occurs each time. Our other training courses on Learn Albanian may also be of interest to you.

It’s very important to learn the Albanian Articles because they form the basis of every day discussion. The more you practice Albanian, the closer you get to mastering it.

In Albanian, the article is a word combined with a noun to indicate what kind of reference the noun creates. Following a noun is usually an article indicating its lexical definiteness. Examples include “the, a, and an”.

Grammar Tips:

Definite Article:

Unlike English, which has only one definite article “the”, Albanian has endings:
i (masc. sing., libri (the book)
u (masc. sing.) shoku (the friend)
a (fem. sing.) vajza (the girl)
ja (fem. sing.) lulja (the flower)

Indefinite Article:

While we have articles: (a / an / some) in English as Indefinite articles, we also have një / disa (ca) in Albanian.
(a, an) are used in English, you need to use (një)  to say the equivalent in Albanian.

Një (masc. sing.), një telefon (a phone)
Një (masc. sing.) një makinë (a car)
Disa/ ca (masc. pl.) disa / ca telefonë (some phones) it’s same here:
disa and ca it has the same meaning (some), and is for both genders in pl.
Disa / ca (fem. pl.) disa /ca makina (some cars)
e.g.: Ca librat janë në shkollë. (Some books are at school)

English Articles   Albanian Articles
 articles  nyjet (e trajta e shquar dhe
e pashquar)
 a / an një
 some disa
 of e

[Masculine gender]

Një shqiptar / Një shok                             shqiptari / shoku
[Singular]   An Albanian / A friend                               The Albanian / The friend

Disa (ca) shqiptar / Disa (ca) shokë          shqiptarët / shokët
[Plural]       [Some Albanians / Some friends]              [Albanians / friends]

[Feminine gender]

Një shqiptare/ Një shoqe                         shqiptarja  / shoqja
[Singular]   An Albanian / A friend                              The Albanian /The friend

Disa(ca)shqiptare /Disa(ca)shoqe             shqiptaret / shoqet
[Plural]      [ Some Albanians /Some friends]              [Albanians / friends]

List of articles in Albanian.

 English  Vocabulary Albanian Vocabulary
a computer një kompjutër
 a bicycle  
një biçikletë
an apple
  një mollë
 some computers  
 disa kompjutra
 some bicycles disa biçikleta
 some apples disa molla