Albanian Adjectives

Albanian Adjectives

If you are trying to learn Albanian Adjectives you will discover some useful sources along with a training course about Adjectives, colors, Forms and Styles… to help you with your Albanian sentence structure / grammar. Try to focus on the category and find the pattern that happens each time the phrase and word changes its position. Also don’t ignore to examine the rest of our other training detailed on Learn Albanian phrases.

Studying the Albanian Adjectives is very essential because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you exercise the topic, the nearer you get to perfecting the Albanian language. But first we need to understand what’s the role of Adjectives is in the framework of the grammar in Albanian. Albanian Adjectives are words that explain or change another individual or thing in the phrase

Grammar Tips:

While in English an adjective does not modify when the noun changes, in Albanian an adjective should agree the the noun in number and gender of it. For instance:

Masculine to feminine gender:

Ky është qeni im i vogël (This is my little dog) it becomes:
Kjo është pula ime e vogël (This is my little hen)

So we have the change of demonstrative pronouns “ky” – this (masc.) into  “kjo” – this (fem.), and from the possessive pronouns “im” – my (masc.) into: “ime” – my (fem.) in singular.
As you can see from the illustration above, the adjective comes after the noun and also requires the same gender with the noun (fem.)

Singular to Plural number form:

Kjo është shtëpia ime e bardhë (this is my white-colored house) it becomes:
Këto janë shtëpitë e mia të bardha (these are my white-colored houses).

As you can see from the illustration, the adjective arrives after the noun and also requires the plural form.

English Adjectives      Albanian Adjectives
Adjectives  Mbiemra
 a white car  një makinë e bardhë
 a high tree   një pemë e lartë
 an old book   një libër i vjetër
 the old  roof   çatia e vjetër
 a pretty girl    një vajzë e bukur

As you can see from the illustration above, the structure of the Adjectives in Albanian has a sensible design. Identify the Adjectives above and see how it functions with the rest of the phrase in Albanian.
Note: The adjective in Albanian when used as a modifier, is placed after the noun and confirms with it in gender and in number, for instance:

një dimër i ftohtë (masc. singular)- disa dimra të ftohta (masc. plural)- (a cold winter – (some) cold winters);
një dorë e ftohtë (fem. sing.) – disa dora të ftohta (pl. f.) – (a freezing hand – (some) freezing hands).

The adjectives in Albanian are usually associated with the connective articles, which are identified by the gender and the number of the noun. The connective articles of adjectives are: i / e / të / së and the connective article : / i / is was used before the adjective with a sing. and masc. noun indefinite or definite form, for e.g:

një djalë i mirë – djali i mirë (a good boy – the good boy)

A short list of Adjectives in Albanian.

Below is a listing of the Adjectives, Colors and Sizes in Albanian . Trying to remember this list will help you add very useful and essential words into your Albanian vocabulary.

 English Adjectives Albanian Adjectives
 colors     ngjyra
 black  i zi (masc); e zezë (fem)
 blue    i kaltër (masc.);  e kaltër (fem.)
 gray  i hirtë (masc.); e hirtë (fem.)
 green i gjelbër (masc.); e gjelbër (fem.)
 orange ngjyrë portokalli
purple  i purpurtë (masc.); e purpurtë (fem.)
 red i kuq (masc); e kuqe (fem)
 white i bardhë (masc); e bardhë (masc)
 yellow i verdhë (masc); e verdhë (fem)


Below you can listen some adjectives in Albanian. Enjoy the rest of this lesson!